As well as constructing and installing golf courses, sports pitches and other drainage systems we also offer a full maintenance service.

Eagle Golf Services Ltd offer a wide range of specialist maintenance services including; vertidraining, and earthquake decompaction, topdressing, overseeding, fertilising and selective weed treatment.

A well planned and regimented maintenance schedule will get the best out of your sports pitch or golf course, ensuring its value for money and effectiveness over many years. We will work closely with you, the client, to ensure the best suited maintenance programme is established and undertaken within your budget.

We also offer a long term complete maintenance contract for golf clubs whereby we will take over the day to day maintenance of the course, including all aspects of Health & Safety and employment of staff for a fixed cost.

The benefit of this to a golf club is that your maintenance costs are fixed, you don’t have the worry of employing staff and it makes budgeting a lot easier for you.

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